The most science backed way to measure personality.

The Big 5 assessment measures a person’s Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism in 60 questions. Normally taking nearly 10 minutes, our visual-based assessment takes less than 2 minutes.

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Improve and standardize interviews across your organization.

Improve and standardize interviews across your organization.

Gain a deep understanding of your candidate’s personality and strengths before the scheduled interview. Leverage the candidate’s Big 5 score to shape questions specific to their results to make more informed hiring decisions.

Meet candidates where they are — on their mobile devices.

Decrease candidate drop-off and drive conversions with an intuitive, visual-based assessment. By selecting ‘me’ or ‘not me’, candidates quickly navigate through the assessment, and receive a copy of their results.

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Research backed, rigorously tested.

Research backed, rigorously tested.

Over a dozen studies were conducted with 5,000+ participants over 24 month. Convergent Validity and Test Retest Reliability studies conducted and showed significant improvement over Stock Photo assessment.

Make inclusivity your competitive advantage.

Make inclusivity your competitive advantage.

The characters used throughout the assessment are constructed to be race, age, and gender neutral. More than 71% of test participants saw Ash, the main character throughout, as their own race.

Create a branded, immersive experience.

Customize assessment images with brand-specific color and texture changes as well as logo and product inclusion. Paradox will conduct a brief A/B test with candidates to ensure customizations have no impact on expected responses.


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Make better hiring decisions with assessments.

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