Simple talent experiences driven by human insight.

Use visuals to usher in a new era of hiring and talent assessment that candidates love.

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Assessments are broken.

Other assessments are slow

Low and Slow

Only 30% complete traditional word-based tests — which typically take up to 45 minutes. Torture!

Other assessments are unintuitive


Forcing applicants to take a tedious test is confusing and creates poor candidate experience.

Other assessments are inaccessible


Not every job seeker has a laptop or college degree… and word-based tests don’t fit on mobile.

Other assessments are one-sided


Assessments are used for selection, nothing else. They should do more — like return value to candidates.

Traitify uses human interaction with images to create the fastest validated talent assessments in the market. They’re mobile, easy, and go beyond just selection.

World's fastest assessment.

What seems like magic is just good science. Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words!

So we invented an visual-based test that collects hundreds of personality data points 30x faster than comparable assessments, and via mobile phone — in 90 seconds. All without compromising reliability and validity.

It's quite impossible for pretenders to be faster than Traitify. Images are simply better than words. We are the new gold standard in talent assessment.

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Traitify Big 5 personality results with recommendation score

The CHRO's secret weapon.

90 seconds and 96% completion rates let us boldly go where no assessment has gone before — at the top of your candidate funnel — for maximum impact on recruiter efficiency, diversity, and giving value to candidates.

Customized, validated fit scores

Prioritize swarms of applicants with customized, validated fit scores.

Focus on personality traits rather than education level, language, or device access

Focus on personality traits that make people great, without socioeconomic bias like education level, language, or device access.

Segment your talent pool and connect with candidates using personalized content

Segment your talent pool and connect deeply with candidates using personalized content, even those you don't hire.

Candidates as customers.

Our platform goes beyond talent acquisition and helps HR professionals attract, select, and engage throughout the talent experience.

Imagine an assessment so fast and exciting that you can use it anywhere in your application or employee experience. With Traitify, eliminate candidate drop-off and drive down turnover.

Personality insights for your candidates

Give candidates value with their own personality insights, before they apply.

Use trait and career interest data to personalize the candidate experience

Use trait and career interest data to personalize their experiences, just as marketers segment customers.

Light up your talent network

Build a relationship with talent from candidacy through their employment by speaking to what will resonate with them.

Traitify Big 5 and Careers personality results
Traitify Personality Genome

The Traitify Personality Genome™
Mapping personality traits to performance, roles, teams, companies

Make hiring more human.

Traitify designed a sophisticated statistical process that combines employee performance data and personality data to prioritize applicants who match top performers. With new batches of data, it adapts the matching to focus more on what matters.

We believe technology should make talent acquisition more human. It may be counterintuitive, but our predictive science frees up TA teams to engage deeply with the right candidates and present a better, more personalized experience to everyone.

Data-driven talent acquisition.

Double your talent network

Expand talent pipeline

Nurture with more than just job listings. Double your talent network year over year.

Cut cost per apply in half

Decrease talent acquisition cost

Attract applicants with our job discovery engine. Cut cost per apply in half.

Screen and hire applicants 2 to 3 times faster

Reduce time to hire

Prioritize applicants by fit score. Screen and hire the best ones 2 to 3x faster.

Decrease turnover by up to 25%

Reduce employee turnover

Predict fit and loyalty before hiring an employee. Decrease turnover by up to 25%.

Our platform fits everywhere.

Put Traitify directly into your ATS or career site via our personality API or use our hosted SaaS tool.