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Personality Details

Personality Trait Details

Personality Benefits and Challenges

Benefits & Challenges

Ideal Work Environments

Work Environments

Custom Interview Questions

Custom Interview Questions

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Attract, Hire, and Retain a Team of Rockstar Employees

Attract the best candidates.

It's a job-seeker's market. The best candidates are attracted to companies that tailor the job-application process to their needs. Traitify's engine does just that by giving job seekers personalized recommendations for what jobs are best fit for them at your company — a perfect match.

Attract the best candidates

Hire outstanding employees.

Your time is valuable. With a 95%+ completion rate, you can have every single job applicant take the assessment BEFORE you interview them.

Let our science tell you each candidate's strengths and weaknesses and whether or not they fit with your current company culture.

Hire outstanding employees and compare them with one another

Retain your top performers.

Reduce workplace turnover by understanding what makes your high-achievers happy. Traitify delivers actionable data that allows you to address to each employee's specific preferences and aversions. Don't just hire world-class talent — keep them!

Retain Top Performers

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