Traitify Personality Data Across the Employee Journey

Personality Data Across the Employee Journey

The Traitify platform lets companies collect candidate and employee personality data, then use it to make data-driven hiring decisions and give value back to their people.

Candidate Experience

“The End of Assessments” Not a tool for companies, but a gift for candidates.

Follow Mara's journey through interaction with Jedi Co.

Follow Mara's journey with employer Jedi Co, from passive seeker to candidate to employee.

Personality Breakdown
  • 90 Second Mobile Assessment

    Quick, easy and engaging. Delivered via email, social media or embedded on career site. Measures candidate career interest and maps to jobs.

  • Personality Breakdown

    Delivered to Your Talent Pool for Their Benefit

    Active or passive, your candidates gain self-insight and your employment brand builds reciprocity.

  • Custom Job Matches

    Enable Job Discovery, Not Job Search

    Like Netflix recommends movies, our recommendation engine maps personality traits to jobs and drives applications.

  • Email of Custom Interview Tips

    Nurture Your Talent Pool with More than Just Jobs

    Personality data lets you personalize communications and create ongoing engagement like a content marketer.

  • Social Media Marketing and Branding

    Accrue Goodwill to Your Employment Brand

    Social sharing of personality results drives referrals, more applicants and more employment brand reciprocity.

Hiring & Fit

The traditional assessment use case reinvented for the modern employment marketplace and made painless for candidates.

Top Candidate Matches
  • Data-driven Predictive Hiring in 90 Seconds

    Traitify’s Big Five Assessment is perfect for high volume, high turnover hiring environments where you can’t possibly read every resume.

    Top Candidate Matches
  • Benchmarking, Prioritization and Selection

    We correlate employee personality data with performance data then compare applicants to benchmarks to prioritize and advance the best fits.

    Benchmarking and hiring prioritization
  • Recruitment Process Automation to Hire Better and Faster

    Identify the best fit applicants quickly with minimal overhead, spend more time with the right people and bring them in faster.

    Recruitment Process Automation
  • Reduce Turnover

    Better fit employees perform better and stay longer saving your company big $.

    Employee Lifetime
  • Candidate Outplacement to Create Great Employment Brand

    Rejection is part of hiring. Imagine sending off rejected candidates with gifts--personalized career advice or job recommendations.

    Candidate Outplacement

Employee Experience

A different kind of employee survey with different kinds of actionable insights.

Welcome to the Team
  • Welcome to the Team

    Smooth Onboarding with Engagement

    Use personality data to deliver personalized life hacks for the first 90 days on the job—communication, collaboration, productivity.

  • Potential Career Path

    Create Growth Paths

    Use personality insights to inform how your people can grow and advance in your company.

  • Leadership Styles

    Assess Leadership Styles

    Give your leaders insights on how to be more effective managers, when to employ certain styles and when not to.

  • Construct High Performance Teams

    Construct High Performance Teams

    Different projects require teams with different personality compositions. Use personality data to guide you.

  • Personalized communication

    Growth Mindset, Personalized

    Help your people learn how to communicate better, work better in teams, be more flexible—all personalized to them based on personality.

Personality API

Traitify is the world’s first and most powerful personality API.

An efficient mechanism to quantify soft skills and work culture with applications across the entire employee journey.

Add personality data and insights to your recruitment marketing, talent acquisition and employee development processes.

Our simple REST API is designed to get you up and running fast! Explore the API.

  • Developer Documentation

    Developer Docs

  • Javascript Widgets

    Javascript Widget

  • Client Libraries

    Client Libraries

Also, use personality data to build any other use case you can imagine.

What You Get In The Platform

Included in the Platform

  • Annual assessment allowance

    Annual assessment allowance

  • Job specific benchmarking

    Job specific benchmarking

  • Hosted Admin Tool

    Hosted Admin Tool

  • API Access

    API access

  • ATS Integration

    ATS integration

  • Fit Scoring

    Proprietary Personality Genome™ for fit scoring

  • Content Guides

    Content guides for interviews, communications, life hacks

  • Dedicated Customer Success

    Dedicated Customer Success



Traitify prices using a subscription model. Our annual platform licensing fee includes access to all elements of our personality data platform.

Flexible Models

To fit different customer business models and software buying expectations, we created flexible pricing models: per applicant, per hire or per store location.

Your ROI

Traitify improves employee metrics like turnover and objective performance. Savings drop directly to your bottom line. Our goal is >10x ROI for our customers.

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