Frequently Asked Questions at Traitify

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Traitify?

Founded in 2011, Baltimore-based Traitify unlocks the potential of psychology and big data through a visual personality assessment that is quick, accurate, and accessible to businesses and entrepreneurial developers. Traitify's current customers (for its SaaS-based version) include more than 200 organizations in a range of industries. The Traitify team is made up of technology-industry veterans with experience in software, design, and multimedia as well as an in-house psychology team.

How can I get started with Traitify?

To get started with Traitify please click here to try out our Career Discovery assessment and request contact from our Sales team, or fill out one of the contact forms on our site. Let us briefly know what you’re looking for, and we’ll schedule a time and brief personalized demo for you.

Can I try the assessment for free?

If you’d like a chance to go hands-on with a Traitify experience, please click here to experience our Career Discovery assessment, with a limited set of results. To explore the complete results, or additional Traitify assessments, please request contact from your results page, and our Sales team will reach out to you immediately.


Where do the Traitify assessments come from?

Traitify's assessments are developed by our in-house psychology team, led by Beverly Betz, MSW BCP-D, and Dr. Noreen Honeycutt. Built from the same psychology foundations of many popular traditional assessments, Traitify’s patented visual assessments allow deep measurement of personality types and traits in a fraction of the time. For more about Traitify's science, please click here, or read our White Paper.

How long does an assessment take to complete?

On average, our assessments take about 90 seconds to complete.

What is the completion rate of the assessment?

Traitify’s personality assessments typically see a completion rate of 90% or higher.

Are these assessments accurate and reliable?

We subject each Traitify assessment to extensive testing to ensure its accuracy in real-world use. Tested on the Cronbach’s Alpha, our Career assessment, for example, received a 0.94, a score higher than some of our traditional competitors’.

To take this further, we practice predictive validity, where your data is looked at directly for accuracy, rather than comparing your scores to those of a different group of individuals that might have zero relevance to your industry or needs.

Can these assessments be completed by those with visual or other disabilities?

Yes! Traitify may feature images in its assessments, but the captions are designed to equally communicate the concept being measured. All our assessments and dashboard tools work with screen readers and other tools used by those needing assistance.

Admin Dashboard

How do I login to my dashboard?

To log in, head to your organization's custom URL - typically - or click here. If you’re unable to access the dashboard, first ensure you’ve been granted administrator access, or reach out to us at

How many administrators can I add?

There is no limit to the number of administrators you can use on your organization’s account. To add more, simply click the “Add Admin User” button on your dashboard and type all desired email addresses into the field. Here, you can also select the privileges these new admins will have.

You can also convert an existing user to an admin by enabling this option in the admin dashboard on the user’s profile.


How do I cancel my service?

To cancel your Traitify service, please contact us directly at

Is billing annual or monthly?

Billing is typically completed on an annual basis. Contact Us directly to discuss any alternate needs you may have.


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