The 5 best TA articles you might have missed

The TA space has confronted its share of challenges throughout the pandemic. From shuttered industries to a hesitant workforce, we have maintained our focus throughout on a simple mission: making hiring and happiness at work simple.

This year, we've taken on topics both thoughtful and practical, from deep dives into assumptions about personality to exactly what you need to do to gain organizational buy-in on HR tech.

To ensure you have the full breadth of talent acquisition content you deserve, we've compiled the top five posts you may have missed that complement the most popular articles so far this year.


Do you truly need to hire innovators?

1. Do You Truly Need to Hire Innovators?

By far our most popular post of the year covers extraversion bias in hiring, but did you know "innovation everything" is a sneaky bias to look out for, too? 

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Why we need to do more for hourly workers

2. Why We Need to Do More for Hourly Workers

During this year's labor shortages, we've all been searching for what job seekers care about the most, but what story does the data tell when you dive in even deeper?

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How to pick the right HR technology vendor

3. How to Pick the Right HR Technology Vendor

While it's very important to understand how to practically get executive buy-in on HR tech, don't forget to start by ensuring you're choosing the right vendor.

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Assessment 101: Why hire with personality?

4. Assessment 101: Why Hire With Personality?

Many have already noted how to leverage the power of personality data, but did you look into why personality is invaluable in the first place?

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The psychology of Inside Out

5. The Psychology of Inside Out

At this point, you've heard about the two-time Oscar-winning Pixar film, Soul, and the psychology behind it. But have you looked into the psychology behind the two-time Oscar-winning Pixar film, Inside Out?

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It hasn't been an easy era for TA and recruiting professionals tasked with staffing workplaces. More than ever, we need HR technology to help us achieve our goals. When the going gets tough, the tough fight back with data. With the road ahead still far from certain, it's an exciting time to innovate, shed old assumptions, and be inspired. Traitify by Paradox is always here to help.