January product updates 2022

Welcome to our first product update blog post of 2022! As you may have read, back in August 2021 we joined Paradox, the fastest-growing company in HR Tech, and together we are shaping the future of recruiting. We couldn't be more excited about the year ahead and we’re kicking things off with some big changes to the look and feel of our products to reflect our new identity as Traitify by Paradox. Join us as we take a look at what’s new!

Basics on what’s changing.

Over the last few months, we’ve focused our efforts on updating the style and design of four key product areas:

  • Reports
  • Widgets
  • Web Application
  • Product Assets

These updates will be released to all of our clients on January 21st, 2022. 

Why the changes?

The updates to the style and design of these product areas reflect the unification of Traitify and Paradox, which together are driving simplicity for hiring managers and recruiters while reducing friction for candidates participating in the hiring process. While it’s crucial to have the products tied together through technology and functionality, we also believe that creating a consistent experience in terms of the design and style is essential in crafting a seamless interaction for our clients. (And that includes everything, even this blog post. We hope you find its new format helpful.)

Details on what’s changing.

Now let’s dig into the nitty-gritty. All of the details and exactly what will be changing where, including sample images, are below.


With this release, three essential reports will be undergoing a visual redesign: Big Five Candidate Report, Big Five Hiring Manager Report, and Engage Employee Report. Each of these reports will be utilizing redesigned Traitify Widgets.

Big Five Candidate Report 

For Clients sharing assessment results with Candidates, this report showcases the Big Five Type along with a quick video that allows Candidates to understand their personality results in less than a minute. Both the icons and videos for each Big Five Type have been updated to reflect our new design.

Additionally, new colors, font, and icons have been updated in the “Personality Details” section of the report, which includes ‘Tools to Use’, ‘Room For Growth’, and ‘Settings For You’ content, and the “Personality Breakdown” section, which provides more insight into how the Candidate scored across the five dimensions of personality and the benefits associated with each unique level. 

As always, these reports can be configured to display specific widgets and content based on a client's needs.

Big Five Hiring Manager Report

The Hiring Manager Report allows Hiring Managers and Recruiters to review assessment results to quickly see how a Candidate compares to the Ideal Candidate Profile configured for the role with the Fit Breakdown section.

This report has also been redesigned to reflect the new Traitify by Paradox styling, including a completely new Fit Breakdown graph which makes it easier than ever to see how candidates compare to Ideal Candidate Profiles. Additionally, the Interview Guide has been redesigned to match the new styling, and it still includes customized interview questions available to help hiring managers and recruiters in conversations with candidates.

Engage Employee Report

Designed to assist in engaging and developing Employees, the Engage Employee Report includes an overview of the Big Five Type along with a quick video that allows employees to understand their personality results in less than a minute. As with the Big Five Candidate Report, the icons for the Big Five Type and video have been updated with the new styling. 

Following this section, “Success Skills” has new icons, colors, and fonts. It showcases succinct pieces of content for five topical areas, such as ‘Dealing with Stress’ and ‘Leading Others.’ Each piece of content is personalized based on the employee’s unique personality. 

Lastly, the “Personality Details” and “Personality Breakdown” sections have been redesigned to match the Traitify by Paradox styling, including changes in colors, fonts, and icons. 

Much like the other reports, the Engage Employee Report can be configured based on a Client’s needs.

Widgets and Web Application 

Each of these reports is built using the Traitify JavaScript widgets, which have had icons, colors, and videos redesigned for this release. We’ve also updated our Assessment Widget, to reflect a new look and feel as shown below for all those completing an assessment.

While completing an assessment, candidates and users will also notice a new redesign for the Traitify Web Application. This visual overhaul includes the Registration page, header and footers throughout the application, and the Settings page from which candidates and users can update their account information and request an export of their results. Updates to the administrator experience within the Traitify Web Application will be in a future release.

Below are what the mentioned widgets being updated will look like in this release:

Assessment Widget

For all candidates/users completing an assessment

Personality Heading Widget

Featured in the Big Five Candidate Report and Engage Employee Report 

Success Skills Widget

Featured in the Engage Employee Report 

Personality Breakdown Widget

Featured in the Big Five Candidate Report, Big Five Hiring Manager Report, and Engage Employee Report

Interview Guide Widget

Featured in the Big Five Hiring Manager Report

Fit Breakdown Widget

Featured in the Big Five Hiring Manager Report

Personality Details Widget

Featured on the Big Five Candidate Report and Engage Employee Report

Product Assets

In addition to the updates to the product, we’ve also taken care to update accompanying product assets. These updates range from purely visual to complete rewrites, and they will continue to be revised and updated as needed going forward. 

The following product assets were updated in this release:

  • Big Five Assessment Technical Manual
  • Big Five Assessment Quick Manual 
  • Big Five Assessment Interview Guide
  • Big Five Assessment Results Overview 
  • Big Five Assessment Team Building Guide 
  • Cognitive Assessment Technical Manual 
  • Cognitive Assessment Quick Manual 
  • How to Use the Traitify Benchmark Guide 

Finally, we’ve made updates to various overview, integration, and training videos that are available through our website, administrator experience, and through the Client Success Team.

With the majority of these changes impacting the look and feel of the Traitify by Paradox products, we hope you enjoy the refreshed views – and look forward to the new and exciting updates we build together next.