Announcing Traitify's next chapter

Today is an exciting day for us at Traitify. This morning it was announced that we are being acquired by the industry-leader in conversational hiring, Paradox.

As with most "overnight success" stories, Traitify has pivoted numerous times over the last decade in an effort to find the best fit for our technology. We were originally conceived of as a dating app to help users discover things to do based on their unique personality and the personality of the person (or people) they were going with. At that time, it was not clear to us that our software would be used by some of the best known brands on the planet to hire and retain the best talent.

When creating Traitify, we saw that the legacy ways of assessing personality didn't align with modern user expectations around experience. We took cues from the devices and apps we used every day, and dared to ask "if a picture is worth a thousand words, how do we measure the thousands words?" We saw beyond what others saw as good enough, and focused on what could be.

I think this is what ultimately led us to the world of workforce boards and talent acquisition. The "work" industry has been stagnant for a very long time. Too much of the technology was built to pull paper processes into the digital age, without continuing to push forward. The candidates we attract have digital experience expectations set by the likes of Uber, but they've been delivered cold tacos, two hours late, and they weren't told anything until it was too late. The people we serve are literally starved for a better way.

But it's not just candidates that need better experiences, it is also talent acquisition teams. They need technology that simplifies their tasks and allows them to focus on the human-centric work they love. To do this, they have to utilize tools that automate much of the work that consumes copious amounts of their time and energy.

We're so excited about joining the Paradox team because they are pushing the boundaries when it comes to reimagining the recruiting process. They simplify hiring in a way that makes the process easier on everyone involved with their purposeful approach to automation. Couple that with Traitify's assessments that set a new standard for what to expect, and you have HR tech that can truly make a difference for all involved.

Thank you for being a part of our Traitify story, we can't wait to show you the next chapter.


Dan & Josh