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Predictive Hiring

Careers Assessment

Career Discovery

Strong Interests Inventory/Holland Codes

Time to Complete: 90 seconds

See how well-suited an applicant's personality is for any particular job opening.

  • Attract the best candidates

    Attract better applicants by providing an engaging application.

  • Ensure candidates apply for the jobs they are best suited for

    Ensure candidates apply to jobs they are best suited for.

  • Identify soft skills

    Quickly identify valuable skills in prospective employees.

See details about candidates' personalities and how well they align to your job openings.

Career Results

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Big Five Assessment

Employment Fit

Big Five Inventory

Time to Complete: 2 minutes

Know how well an applicant will perform in their role BEFORE you hire them.

  • Attract the best candidates

    Identify candidates most likely to become top performers.

  • Ensure candidates apply for the jobs they are best suited for

    Hire candidates who best-fit your team's culture.

  • Identify soft skills

    Identify loyal applicants, reducing long-term turnover.

Find future superstars who are most likely to succeed and stay in your organization.

Candidate Match

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Additional Traitify Assessments available

A Few Of Our Other Assessments

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