The Science and Psychology of Traitify

A Picture is Worth
A Thousand Words

The New Gold Standard in Personality Assessment

Traitify's patented assessments collect personality data using human interaction with images. We validate against the Big Five and Holland Interest models and candidates can complete our tests 30x faster than ever before.

  • Built for the modern attention span

    Built for the modern attention span:
    90 second test = 95% completion rate. Test-takers not only answer quickly, but are more likely to be honest through our rapid series of images and "me" / "not me" choice. Say goodbye to test fatigue.

  • Designed for everyone

    Designed for everyone:
    Images make us mobile friendly for those who don’t have access to large screen devices, more accessible to imperfect readers, and easier to translate. We go beyond EEOC compliance and tackle socio-economic bias head-on.

  • Backed by rigorous science

    Backed by rigorous science:
    We've run dozens of multi-month studies with 1000s of participants so far. And we’ll do so continuously to ensure reliability and validity that stands up to the scrutiny of our scientific peers. Our science is well-documented. See our manuals.

Validity and Reliability

Models and Inventories

Models and Inventories

Traitify specifically set out to investigate personality in the workplace and how it can be used to identify and develop talent. There is no better model for this than the Big Five. For employee interests, we build off the exceptionally well-studied Holland Inventories.

Repeatedly validated


Our assessments have been repeatedly validated against well-established Big Five and career interest inventories (IPIP-NEO, BFI, and O*Net Interest Profiler Short Form). For example, our construct validity for Big Five ranges from 0.52 to 0.75, comparable to other questionnaires. Predictive Validity is established on a proprietary basis with individual clients.

Accurate and reliable


Not only are our assessments accurate, they are internally consistent. We have conducted extensive studies to ensure stability over time and have excellent test-retest reliability. For example, our Big Five scores between .66 and .77.

Details about our assessments, studies, and results can be found in our manuals.

Take Me There

The Team Behind Our Dream

With over a century of combined academic, clinical, and research psychology under their belts, our team of psychologists have created the world's fastest assessment.

Our multi-disciplinary team has expertise in personality theory and assessment, psychometric design, advanced statistics, therapeutic and industrial/organizational psychology. With years of research, development, and testing, this is the team who brought Traitify to market.

  • Heather Myers

    Heather Myers
    Ph. D. Psychology, MS Statistics
    Chief Psychology Officer

    Dr. Myers received a doctorate in Personality Psychology and Master of Science in Statistics both from Stanford University. Throughout the course of her career, she has specialized in the development of assessments and the analysis of their internal consistency and validity. At Traitify, Dr. Myers runs a cross-disciplinary psychology team to design, create, and validate scientifically sound assessments as well as analyze their internal consistency and validity.

  • Beverly Betz

    Beverly Betz
    MSW, BCD-P
    Executive Director of Psychology

    Ms. Betz, MSW, BCD-P, holds Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University, Loyola College, and University of Maryland at Baltimore. With years of work in private practice including psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and supervision, she brings a foundation of clinical, supervisory and teaching experience to the Traitify team. Ms. Betz’s work at Traitify focuses on creating and refining our assessments using cutting edge psychological science.

  • Noreen Honeycutt

    Noreen Honeycutt
    Ph. D.
    VP, Psychoanalytics

    Dr. Honeycutt is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in private practice in Baltimore. She is an associate clinical professor at the University of MD Department of Psychiatry, Director of the Psychoanalytic Film Series and a Training and Supervising analyst with the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis. She was one of the founders of the Psychology Team at Traitify.

  • Mark Parkinson

    Mark Parkinson
    Ph. D.
    Psychology Advisor

    Dr. Parkinson holds a BSc in Psychology from University of Exeter, MSc in Applied Psychology from Aston University, and a PhD from University of Bath School of Management. He is an I/O Psychologist specializing in creating assessment systems for profiling individuals and teams. He is a recognized expert on the psychology of entrepreneurs, has authored five books and numerous articles on applied psychology, and co-authored commercially available assessments.

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