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Promotional Guide for Education and Workforce Organizations

Distribute Your Message and Put Career Planning on the Minds of Students and Job Seekers

Developing an effective message does no good unless your intended audience receives the message. How can you ensure that your messages about career readiness reach students and job seekers and inspire active conversations? The best way is by utilizing a multimedia approach that incorporates both digital and print communications to generate engagement, message traction, awareness, excitement, and—most importantly—action. Below are some of the best distribution approaches to consider.

Social Media

You want to reach people where they are today and help them plan for tomorrow. Find out which social media platforms your users use most, and push out your messages across all of them. For example, at most colleges, the popular sites are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. But things change quickly in the social space, so stay attuned and adjust as needed.

When you push out content across your social platforms, make sure you send messages consistently and regularly. You can push out the same general gist in each message, but change up the frame and wording, and track analytics to see what works best.

Given the wide range of content that individuals encounter daily (and even hourly), plan to send out various versions of your message several times a week. Your communications team can help you devise an appropriate schedule.

Each time you post content on social media, link directly to Traitify so students can take the assessment immediately. Alternatively, consider linking to any blog posts about Traitify written by your students, job seekers, or career counselors, as discussed later. This will help keep your content fresh, not stale—and it will go a long way in enticing students to stop and listen to your message.

If you link elsewhere, just make sure it’s a highly visual, interactive destination, not a static, text-laden page. Users have enough to read elsewhere, and studies confirm that they’re twice as likely to engage with visual content as they are with text-only content. When possible, add a picture, logo, video, or some other visual.

When using Twitter, remember to shorten your URLs (the web address of your links). This allows you to make the best use of the limited space available (140 characters, including spaces). Shortening a URL is easy and can be done on any number of sites, including,, and Simply visit these sites, copy and paste your link in the window provided, and click to receive a shortened version to use in your Tweet.


Twitter promotional tweet

Recommended Twitter Copy:

  • Traitify matches career recommendations w/ your personality in an accurate, fast, intuitive way. Try it! [link]
  • Find careers that mesh with your individuality w/ Traitify, a fast, fun visual personality assessment. [link]
  • Not sure what career path to take? Traitify’s visual personality assessment gives deep insight. [link]
  • 2nd-guessing your career path? Take Traitify’s visual personality assessment for personalized recommendations. [link]
  • College is about self-discovery. Get to know yourself w/ Traitify’s fast, fun visual personality assessment, Compass. [link]
  • Find a career path that matches your core values & character w/ Traitify’s visual personality assessment. [link]


Facebook promotional tweet

Recommended Facebook Copy:

  • Second-guessing your career path? Let Traitify’s visual personality assessment steer you to better choices. Traitify is accurate, fast, fun, and easy to take—and it guides you where you need to go in school, work, and life. Try it today! [link]
  • College: it’s a time of self-discovery—and a time of major decisions. Traitify’s visual personality assessment gives you deep insight into what makes you unique, plus career recommendations that click with your individuality. Get started now! [link]
  • Finding a career isn’t easy. Traitify, a visual personality assessment that’s accurate, fast, fun, and simple to take, gives you reliable recommendations about careers that match your individuality. Take the assessment today. [link]
  • Want to spend your life at a job you loathe? No one does. Let Traitify, a visual personality assessment, steer you to sound choices—leading to a meaningful career that matches with who you are as an individual. [link]


Email promotional tweet

Despite a rise in texting and social media, email is not yet dead; it is still a great way to reach out and engage with job seekers and students. You can integrate your messaging about Traitify into your newsletters, daily briefs, career tips, or any other email content you send to your audience.

Included with your Traitify messaging guide are emails focused entirely on career options. Consider sending this content separately or combining it with other information about career planning. You might even devote an entire email series to career planning—not a bad idea, given the challenges of today’s job market.

Recommended Email Copy:

Do you second-guess your major or career path? Are you undeclared or overwhelmed by endless options to contemplate and compare? If you answer yes to any of these questions—or even if you’re rooted firmly in your track—take a minute to learn about a new innovative technology, Traitify, that can point you in the right direction.

A visual personality assessment, Traitify[link] helps you get to know yourself better—and figure out the careers that match who you are as an individual. It’s accurate, fast, fun, and easy to take. And it uses the data it gathers about your personality to make career recommendations just for you.

The assessment takes only two to three minutes to complete. Here’s what you get—on the spot, with no wait time required:

  • Deep insight on your personality and preferences, including what kinds of people and work environments help you thrive.
  • Personalized recommendations for careers that match your personality and preferences.
  • Practical details about each career recommendation, including the level of education and degree required, median salary, job growth, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Stop worrying, and start crafting a life made especially for you. Try Traitify today. [link]


Website promotional tweet

Think of your website as a digital bulletin board, and use it to prominently display key messages about career preparation and Traitify. Position your content on pages visited frequently by your user base. You can also make it part of your general news and information section by featuring content in banner ads across the top of your homepage, your announcements, and other highly visible spots.

When possible, be sure to include social sharing features like Facebook and Twitter, plus the option of emailing the content to a friend. These features empower anyone who has taken the assessment to spread the word to friends, family, and classmates—essentially doing your marketing for you.

Think outside the box about other ways you can use your website to spread messages about Traitify and career planning. For instance, you might publish a news article or blog post from a career counselor exploring how Traitify works and why career planning is essential. You might also ask a few people to write about their Traitify experience. Many individuals would welcome a chance to write and publish an article, which boosts their career potential and adds to their real-world experience.

Recommended Website Copy:

The more you know about yourself, the easier it is to choose a career path that matches who you are as an individual.

Traitify’s visual personality assessment [link] gives you deep insight on your core values and character. It’s accurate, fast, fun, and easy to take, and it can be completed from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. And it uses the data it gathers about your personality and preferences to recommend careers just for you. On top of that, Traitify gives you:

  • A breakdown of how you stack up against seven types of career personalities.
  • Information about the kinds of people and work environments that help you thrive.
  • Possible strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized recommendations for careers aligned specifically with your unique characteristics.
  • Essential details about each career recommendation, including the level of education and degree you need, as well as what to expect in terms of salary, potential job growth, and more.

How does it work?

As images are presented to you, simply select Me or Not Me. Traitify’s analytical engine immediately converts your Me or Not Me responses into a personality profile and uses it to recommend spot-on careers.

When do you see results?

Traitify delivers results instantly online, eliminating the long wait times and hassles of traditional assessments. Better yet, the test takes two to three minutes to complete. And you can review your results—or even take the assessment again—anytime a seed of doubt starts to creep in.

So what are you waiting for? Stop worrying, and start crafting a life made especially for you. Try Traitify today. [link]

Additional Methods

Direct Mail

Whether as a flyer, letter, or even a bookmark or palm card, inserts added to your existing direct mail can help put career planning and Traitify on students’ and job seekers’ radars. Make your inserts attention grabbing and visual, and use them to build your brand as a career-conscious organization.

Information Packages

Don’t underestimate the power of information packages passed out during first contact and made available in your career center or academic guidance offices. Request the opportunity to attend student clubs and groups, and even consider sponsoring a career fair to get the message out. Here again, a highly visual, attention-grabbing insert can work wonders in driving your audience to plan for a career and take Traitify’s assessment.

It’s never too early to start planning for a career, so the sooner and more regularly anyone can hear or see a message about it, the better prepared you are.

Location Signage

Students spend the bulk of their time on campus, and job seekers will spend a lot of time in career centers. As part of your multimedia efforts to keep career planning on their minds, post flyers in places frequented most—the student union, classrooms, waiting rooms, libraries, administrative offices, and key places outdoors. Choose areas that serve as the hub of activity, and make a plan to post new flyers regularly. If possible, recruit students or job seekers to hand out flyers, and take advantage of the power and effectiveness of peer-to-peer marketing.


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