May product updates 2021

The Traitify team has been busy working alongside our partner, SmartRecruiters, and we're proud to announce the latest integration update.

With inline assessment support and new filtering functionality, it's easier than ever for Candidates to complete Traitify Assessments and Hiring Managers to prioritize the right fit applicants.


New SmartRecruiters Inline Assessment Integration & Filtering

Traitify's Assessment completion rate is the industry best, with over 95% of candidates completing our fun & engaging assessments. Unfortunately, there's a chance a Candidate may miss the assessment altogether when it is delivered via email or SMS. No longer! With Traitify's new inline assessment integration, SmartRecruiters customers can flip a switch to present the assessment to Candidates within the existing application workflow.

In addition to this new integration, the SmartRecruiters team has added a new filtering functionality to allow Hiring Managers and Recruiters to filter Candidates based on two fields: "Score" and "Score Label."

To access this new filter, simply navigate to your applicant list under 'Jobs' and find the 'Assessment Result' filter at the bottom of the list of filters.

Once you've located the filter, simply select Traitify from the 'Assessment Results' dropdown. This selection will return a list of assessment packages based on your custom Ideal Candidate Profiles. From here, you can select the "Score" and "Score Label" of the package you'd like to view.

Now your applicant list will be filtered based on your selection!

Find more about this new feature here.

What's Next?

New Translations

In the coming months, we'll be adding some new assessment translations including Hmong, Burmese, German, and Italian. These translations will be available for our Big Five Assessment and associated Report Views, as well as our Career Interest Assessment for the German and Italian Languages.

Big Five Hiring Manager Report 3.0

Later this year, we'll be releasing a new version of the Big Five Hiring Manager Report. Clients will be able to personalize their reports further with descriptions of what makes a successful employee (for each role), insights into why a Candidate is (or isn't) a fit, and their own custom interview questions if they have a standardized set.


If you are a current Client or Partner and would like to learn more about any of our current or upcoming product releases, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at We always appreciate your feedback and love building great things with you and for you!