July product updates 2021

There are now new ways to filter in Traitify Dash.

For Clients using our Traitify Dash Administrator Interface, having the ability to easily filter assessment data is critical. The Traitify team is constantly looking at ways to expand our filtering features while maintaining ease of use for Clients.

Earlier this month, we released some changes to our filtering tools on both our Insights and Profiles page. Read more about these changes below or watch this quick video overview.

New Filter Layout

When logged in as a Traitify Dash Administrator, you'll land on our Insights page. Here you can see high level insights into your organization's assessment data and filter based on organization or sub-organization and assessment type.

A dedicated Organization search field now allows you to search for any sub-organization tied to your Organization and segment insights. We've also added an Assessment Type dropdown to further segment data by the results for a particular Traitify assessment. Previously, this page had a dedicated filter menu, which has now been removed to streamline and simplify filtering.

New layout in Traitify Dash now has Organization and Assessment Type filters

When viewing the Profiles page, you'll notice the filter menu has also been removed and replaced with an Organization search field. Much like the Insights page field, this allows you to segment Profiles based on a specific sub-organization, and an Assessment Type dropdown lets you sort by assessment type.

You'll still be able to search for specific profiles on this page by typing a name or email address into the search field. Once you've found the profile or profiles you're looking for you can select them and take batch actions, such as emailing those profiles their results or deleting the selected profiles.

Groups and Departments

With these new changes, the Traitify team has made the decision to sunset our Groups functionality, and you will no longer be able to view, edit, or create groups. Instead, you will have the ability to create Departments for one or more Organizations, which will allow you to group profiles by Departments and include the Department field within any report export.

Additionally, Dash Administrators have the ability to create sub-organizations and move profiles to these new sub-organizations, thus allowing for segmentation of profiles on the Insights and Profiles view via the Organization search field.

What's Next?

In the coming months, we'll be releasing some additional translation options for our Big Five Assessment including new translations into German and Italian. These translations join over 15 existing translations which are available to Traitify Clients today!

If you are a current Client or Partner and would like to learn more about the changes to the Traitify filter functionality, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at support@traitify.com. We always appreciate your feedback and love building great things with you and for you!