April product updates 2021

The Traitify team has been busy working with Clients and Partners to prepare for the rapid reopening of the world and the upcoming wave of hiring that will take place.

Along with this preparation, the team has been hard at work on new features and functionality, including new options to view various Report Views and some new content for the Traitify Engage Employee Reports.

New Assessment Output Options

Starting today, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and other Clients using our Big Five Hiring Manager Report will have the ability to switch between Report Views. In addition to the default Hiring Manager View, we've also made the Big Five Candidate Report and Traitify Engage Employee Report available to be viewed.


To view these Report Views, simply navigate to the Big Five Hiring Manager Report (this could be via a URL on the Candidate Profile within your Applicant Tracking System or within your Traitify Administrator Dashboard). Once on the Report, you'll notice a 'Report View' dropdown, from which you can select either the 'Big Five Candidate Report' or 'Traitify Engage Employee Report.' Once selected, the Report View will automatically update to show the selected View. Should you choose to save or print the Report, your selection will also flow through to the PDF.

Once on the Engage Employee Report or Big Five Candidate Report, you can easily navigate back to the Hiring Manager Report by selecting 'Big Five Hiring Manager Report' from the 'Report View' dropdown menu, or by simply refreshing the page.

Access to the Big Five Candidate Report allows you to gain insight into what is shared with Candidates (if your organization has this feature enabled), and the Traitify Engage Employee Report allows you to see and share the report with the Candidate once they are hired.

Please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager to learn more about these Report Views and discuss how you can best utilize this new functionality.

Traitify Engage Employee Report - New Success Skill!

For those using our Engage Employee Report, we've added a new 'Success Skill' called 'Leading Others.' This new skill helps employees develop their leadership skills through leveraging their unique personality strengths. While helpful for those on a leadership track, these skills are essential to all employees, applicable to the situations where they can help by sharing their viewpoints and opinions.


The 'Leading Others' Success Skill replaces the 'Everyday Adjustments' Skill for those using our default Traitify Engage Employee Report, however organizations are able to customize their Skills based on their needs by reaching out to their Customer Success Manager.

The Traitify team will continue to develop new Success Skills through 2021 and look forward to seeing our Clients grow and develop their teams with them.

What's Next?

New Translations

In the coming months, we'll be adding some new assessment translations including Hmong, Burmese, German, and Italian. These translations will be available for our Big Five assessment and associated Report Views, as well as our Career Interest Assessment for the German and Italian Languages.

Big Five Hiring Manager Report 3.0

Later this year, we'll be releasing a new version of the Big Five Hiring Manager Report. It will allow Clients to customize their reports to include descriptions of what makes a successful employee (for each role), insights into why a Candidate is a fit (or not a fit) across the five dimensions of personality and the corresponding functional work areas, and customized interview questions for organizations that have a standardized set of questions.


If you are a current Client or Partner and would like to learn more about any of our current or upcoming product releases, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at support@traitify.com. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to build great things with you in 2021!