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The History of Traitify

Traitify started as Woofound and rebranded in early 2014.

Traitify began with an awkward blind date for co-founder Joshua Spears that led him – and business partner Dan Sines – to search for a way to incorporate personality into everything they do and enable others to do the same.

Originally established as Woofound, Dan and Josh used their media background, with the assistance of founding psychology member Dr. Noreen Honeycutt to develop the now patented visual assessment Traitify has become known for. An initial application was designed to connect students to their peers and local activities but quickly attracted the eyes of career centers, who loved the idea of assessing students in minutes, giving them the power of immediate guidance, rather than needing to schedule additional appointments. Five years later, we now have hundreds of colleges and universities, as well as workforce development centers, utilizing Traitify’s platform to aid students and job seekers.

In early 2014, Woofound rebranded as Traitify and pivoted to make their personality assessment available to any potential vertical. Traitify’s API was released, along with a variety of additional assessments.

Now supported with a powerful dashboard of analytics and a robust set of administrator tools, Traitify allows organizations of any size to assess personality immediately via a SaaS model or by a simple API integration. Supported by an incredible group of devoted investors, Traitify is quickly dominating the personality assessment field, delivering millions of assessments annually.


Dan Sines, CEO and Co-Founder at Traitify

Dan Sines | CEO + Co-founder

Dan is Traitify’s CEO, as well as a co-founder of the company. He is also Chairman of the Board. An entrepreneur to the core, Dan has an extensive background in graphic design and has managed design firms as well as a social media marketing firm with Josh Spears prior to founding Traitify.

Driven by an energy to create unique and personalized experiences in all aspects of life, Dan has led Traitify from a small team working out of a garage (literally) to the powerhouse team it has become today. From our first customer to our latest closed deal, Dan has kept a hands-on (and personal!) approach to guiding Traitify on a path of success and rapid growth.

Contact: | @dansines

Joshua Spears, COO and Co-founder at Traitify

Joshua Spears | COO + Co-founder

Josh is a founding member of the Traitify team and serves as Chief Operations Officer. Josh has a background in visual media production, and prior to Traitify, he founded a social media marketing firm with Dan Sines which helped convince him of the benefit of using personality and personalization to enhance consumer engagement.

From our initial wave of funding to the closing of Traitify’s Series A, Josh has ensured the lights were kept on and the ship stayed afloat, all while supporting Dan’s vision and delivering guidance to the various teams at work within the company. Often wearing multiple hats in a single day, Josh coordinates between design, development, and psychology with ease.

Contact: | @24framelover

Leadership Team

Mitchell Bayer - SVP, Sales

Mitchell Bayer

SVP, Sales | @mitchellbayer

Jason Finkelstein - Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Finkelstein

Chief Revenue Officer

Eric Fleming - Chief Technology Officer

Eric Fleming

Chief Technology Officer | @ericf_

Heather Myers - Chief Psychology Officer

Heather Myers

Chief Psychology Officer

Daniel Steen - Chief Infrastructure Architect

Daniel Steen

Chief Infrastructure Architect

Scott Tremper - Creative Director

Scott Tremper

Creative Director | @scotttremper

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