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Leadership Team

Dan Sines - CEO + Co-founder

Dan Sines

VP, Product

dan.sines@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Josh Spears - Chief Product Officer + Co-founder

Josh Spears

VP, Product

josh.spears@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Chris Heine - Chief Operating Officer

Chris Heine

VP, Strategic Alliances

chris.heine@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Heather Myers - Chief Psychology Officer

Heather Myers

Chief IO Psychologist, Traitify

heather.myers@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Eric Fleming - Chief Technology Officer

Eric Fleming

VP, Engineering

eric.fleming@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Daniel Steen - Chief Infrastructure Architect

Daniel Steen

VP, Infrastructure

dan.steen@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Lynn Morton - VP of Marketing

Lynn Morton

VP, Demand & Growth

lynn.morton@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Scott Tremper - Creative Director

Scott Tremper

Product Design Director, Traitify

scott.tremper@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

Macy Volpe - Director of Customer Success

Macy Volpe

Client Success Director

macy.volpe@paradox.ai // LinkedIn

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