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We understand that job boards and staffing agencies stay afloat on the quality (and quantity) of candidates you can deliver to employers seeking to fill positions. On average, Traitify customers achieve a completion rate of 94.7% with an assessment completed in around 90 seconds.

Results are immediately available via a powerful dashboard for all hiring managers and administrators.

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  • Mobile-friendly, Visual Assessment
    Say goodbye to 40% completion rates with an engaging assessment completed in seconds.

  • Measure Personality, Culture, and More
    Discover exactly what makes a candidate unique, enabling employers to compare personality type, traits, culture, and more among their existing employees and teams.

  • Simple API Integration
    Incorporate our assessment into your site with our Rest API, delivering a powerful assessment while retaining your brand and message.

  • Multiple Languages
    Our career assessment is now available in English, Spanish, and French.

Science and Psychology

Scientifically-Backed Assessment

Designed by our in-house psychology team, Traitify’s personality assessment was built to be the antithesis of current archaic assessments. Typically completed in around 90 seconds and 100% mobile friendly, our assessment boasts a completion rate triple that of many of our competitors, all within a format that doesn’t require workshops or training for your clients to understand and connect to.

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Features You'll Love


Relevant, Actionable Data

Personality results are geared toward how a candidate relates to working. Discover types and traits that matter, delivered in a format that can be used by any manager, administrator, or executive.

Recommendation scoring for specific positions is also available.

Easily compare users or groups of users to each other and new candidates

Smart Team Building

Sifting through scores of candidates shouldn’t be a challenge. Traitify offers a visual solution to explore detailed descriptions of what personality types will work well together and which ones might have issues. Encourage clients to compare candidates to their existing employees and create teams that gel together instantly.

Explore personality traits prevalent within your team and candidates

Develop Strong Culture

Personality traits are automatically examined to determine an overall culture among your existing employees. See how much of a match candidates are to your company and whether they’ll be a long-term fit in your organization!

Develop a culture your team will love

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Mismatched culture is one of the leading reasons employees leave a company. Explore our guide for ideas on how to develop a culture your team will love.

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