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Hiring great people builds the foundation and ultimately becomes the backbone of every business, but a resume only tells so much. Whom exactly are you hiring? Will they fit into the current culture? Will their personality conflict with others? Traitify lets you analyze the core personalities of candidates before they set foot in the door, helping you make better decisions when it comes to your human capital.

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Personality At A Glance

  • Personality Types + Traits
    Understandable personality types and traits with descriptions that make immediate sense, no workshops or training required.

  • Complements / Conflicts
    Identify personality types that mesh well together and which types might butt heads. Perfect for team building.

  • Work Environments
    Happy employees produce great work. Discover the types of environments that will boost productivity.

  • ATS Integration
    Traitify is available for the most widely used applicant tracking systems, with more coming soon!

Employee Turnover

Reduce Turnover

Existing employees matter, too! With average turnover rates around 15% and sometimes costing 2x annual salary to replace, it’s crucial to monitor the personalities within your organization. Build teams with personalities that can coexist and understand the best ways to communicate with the different individuals within your organization!

Insights That Make Sense


Manageable Data

Designed to make personality data easy to understand, our Insights page kicks off with a simple, at-a-glance look at the personalities within your company. Quickly see what personalities are more heavily weighted, what might be lacking, and more. Using our smart filter, you can easily select specific sets of people, create groups for regions, departments, etc., and more.

Easily compare users or groups of users to each other and new candidates

Simple Team Building

Building a team that doesn’t mesh is a recipe for disaster. Within Insights, you’ll find visual ways to see how different personalities align. Compare every personality type of individuals within a department or in different regions to each other, or even see how a candidate might fit into your current top performers. Our Quick Compare view makes this easier with a percentage score of exactly how much of a match one person or group is to another.

Explore personality traits prevalent within your team and candidates

Build an Ideal Culture

Mismatched culture is the number one cause of turnover – in some cases leading to nearly 50% annual turnover within an organization. Explore the personality traits most prevalent within your team and candidates and foster a culture that encourages long-lasting and happy employees.

Tips and Ideas on how to develop all-star employees using Traitify

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Check out our latest guide for tips and ideas on how to develop a group of all-star employees based on Traitify’s personality data.

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