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Deliver Career Guidance on Day One

Traitify is a modern and simple alternative to traditional personality assessments. Marrying psychology and technology, this two-minute, mobile-friendly personality assessment helps users explore potential career paths from the moment they step in your door.

Results are immediately delivered with a detailed breakdown of career personality, as well as smart, personalized career matches.

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Designed for Career Seekers

  • Mobile-friendly, Two-minute Assessment
    Students and job seekers can instantly complete an assessment and be ready to dive into career options with actionable data.

  • Detailed Career Data
    Personalized matches come from the O*Net Database, containing relevant information such as salary, required education, and more.

  • Custom Groups & Sub-Orgs
    Create filtered groups and organizations for different counselors, regions, classes, and more.

  • Multiple Languages
    Our career assessment is now available in English, Spanish, and French.

Custom branded login page for Traitify customer

Custom Features & Branding

Generate an experience that is familiar and comfortable for your users. Customized landing pages allow for on-brand logos, colors, and welcome text.

Take career recommendations to the next level for your students or job seekers with custom:

  • Majors
  • Clubs
  • Job Boards
  • And more!

Flawless User Experience (For Admins too!)

Traitify Personality Results page

Immediate Personality Results

Say goodbye to scheduling follow-up appointments to explore personality results. After completing our scientifically backed assessment, personality data is immediately ready for discussions with students and job seekers. Dive into a detailed breakdown of personality types and traits and explore additional details such as complementing and conflicting types, as well as the best work environments for their unique personality.

Career matches direct from O*Net

O*Net Database Career Matching

Personality data is tied directly to the Department of Labor’s O*Net career database. Filter results for best match and minimum required education and highlight relevant career details including salary, employment growth, experience level, and even a visual overlapping of a user’s personality to an ideal candidate for that career.

Customize results further by tying majors, clubs, job boards, and more to specific careers.

Traitify Admin Insights Dashboard

Dashboard Built for Guidance

Traitify’s administrator dashboard is loaded with features designed to make handling huge amounts of personality data simple and easy. Our insights view gives you an impression of your entire selection of students or job seekers, or quickly click on a single user and explore their personality and career matches on the fly.

Build custom groups or sub-organizations to manage multiple locations or sets of data with ease.

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Until then, feel free to check out our Science page to learn more about the psychology our assessment is built upon.

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