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Quickly deliver inexpensive, in-depth, and accurate personality assessments that chart careers and college majors built on Traitify's patented technology

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Woofound is a modern and easy alternative to traditional personality assessments. Founded on the premise that self-knowledge and discovery will open the doors to opportunity, Woofound goes beyond just measuring personality, and provides instant, custom career path recommendations.

Visual Personality Assessment

Visual Personality Assessment

Traditional text-based assessments can take 30-60 minutes to finish. Woofound's visual assessment takes less than five minutes, and can be completed on your smartphone or tablet.

Instant Results + Career Matches

Instant Results & Career Matches

Gone are the days of waiting for results! Marrying psychology and technology, Woofound immediately delivers a detailed breakdown of your career personality, as well as smart, personalized career matches.

Backed by Psychology

Backed by Psychology

Built from the same foundations as traditional personality assessments, Woofound is powered by the Traitify Personality API. As accurate as it is quick and easy, Woofound leads the charge in modern personality assessments.

Interested more in the psychology behind Woofound? Read our White Paper!

Admin Dashboard

Discover a wealth of powerful analytics with the included administrator dashboard.

 Woofound Admin Dashboard

Save time with a broad, visual display of your entire organization, or dive deeper with specific individuals to make hands-on guidance personalized.

Woofound Admin Dashboard

Custom Features & Branding

Woofound Customization and Branding
Woofound Customization and Branding
Woofound Customization and Branding

Enhance Woofound with a customized experience, exclusively for your organization. Go beyond recommendations and match your students or job seekers with custom:

  • Majors
  • Training programs
  • Clubs
  • Preferred employers
  • And more!

You can also incorporate your branding to make Woofound familiar and welcoming to your audience.

Fast & Affordable

Woofound is priced competitively amongst other personality assessments in the world of career guidance. Save significant cost, and time, conducting personality assessments for hundreds of job seekers or students.

Works on Any Device!

Responsive - works on mobile, tablet, and desktop

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