Traitify Webinar: Working with Groups and Sub-Organizations

Working with Groups and Sub-Organizations

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Led by Joshua Spears of Traitify, this month we take a deep dive into creating and managing two important parts of Traitify: Groups and Sub-organizations! Register today for some great tips about these two features, as well as where to find additional resources afterwards. And, of course, we'll leave time for your questions at the end!

Topics include:

  • Creating & Managing Groups
  • Creating & Managing Sub-Orgs
  • Additional Resources
  • Q&A

Provided By:

Monster Government Solutions and Traitify

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Joshua Spears

Joshua Spears

Chief Operating Officer, Traitify

Josh is a founding member of the Traitify team and serves as Chief Operations Officer. Josh has a background in visual media production, and prior to Traitify founded a social media marketing firm which helped convince him of the benefit of using personality and personalization to enhance consumer engagement.

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