Treating Candidates As Customers

Treating Candidates
As Customers

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Kona Grill and Traitify team up to show you how treating job candidates as you would treat customers means great things for your business. Everything from identifying top talent faster to reducing turnover is possible when you put candidates first. See first-hand how, by focusing on candidates, Kona Grill has vastly improved its job application process.

Topics include:

  • Today’s challenges in Talent Acquisition
  • How Kona Grill has found success despite these challenges
  • Finding and using the right tools for success
  • How putting candidates first reduces turnover
  • Tips and tricks for how you too can improve the quality of your hires

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Joshua Spears

Joshua Spears

Chief Operating Officer, Traitify

Josh is a founding member of the Traitify team and serves as Chief Operations Officer. Josh has a background in visual media production, and prior to Traitify founded a social media marketing firm which helped convince him of the benefit of using personality and personalization to enhance consumer engagement.

Jamie Starner

Jamie Starner

Talent Acquisition Manager, Kona Grill, Inc.

Jamie has been with Kona over 2 ½ years and oversees the corporate office and 46 corporate owned locations. She is responsible for strategy with a 2018 goal to lower Kona's turnover. After research, Kona thought Traitify would be an effective tool to make better hiring decisions to ultimately reduce turnover, based on the recruiting principle of hiring for cultural fit and training skill. Jamie holds a BA in Integrative Studies from ASU and a M.Ed. in Human Relations from NAU.

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