Traitify Training: Adding & Working with Custom Data

Traitify Training:
Adding & Working with Custom Data

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Traitify is a powerful, visual personality assessment rapidly shaping the way workforce organizations identify and assess their clients. This session, presented by Traitify and Monster Government Solutions, will cover the ability to add and collect different custom sets of data for your users, and how to utilize this alongside your client’s personality data.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Custom Data
  • Adding Custom Data Fields
  • Working with collected Custom Data
  • Upcoming / Latest Features

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Joshua Spears

Joshua Spears

Chief Operating Officer, Traitify

Josh is a founding member of the Traitify team and serves as Chief Operations Officer. Josh has a background in visual media production, and prior to Traitify founded a social media marketing firm which helped convince him of the benefit of using personality and personalization to enhance consumer engagement.

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