Traitify Training - The Use & Influence of Personality in Hiring

The Use & Influence of Personality in Hiring

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Traitify is a powerful, visual personality assessment rapidly shaping the way education and workforce organizations identify and assess their students and clients. Built from the ground up to resonate with modern audiences, and continually improved to create an engaging experience on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device, the Traitify assessment creates a quick way to gather personality data and provide personalized career matches. Enjoy the December session of our Training Series, led by Bruce Stephen of Monster Government Solutions & Joshua Spears of Traitify, and featuring Heather Myers, Traitify's Chief Psychology Officer, for an overview of Traitify updates and a discussion about the influence of personality when it comes to hiring.

Topics include:

  • Highlights of Product Changes
  • Traitify Demo
  • Use and Influence of Personality in Hiring
  • Q&A

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Bruce Stephen

Bruce Stephen

Director of Research, Monster Government Solutions

Bruce is a researcher, communicator, marketer, analyst, connector, and strategist for Monster Government Solutions. Since 2014, he has spearheaded a partnership between Traitify and Monster Government Solutions to expand opportunities in postsecondary education and workforce development for the Traitify visual personality assessment.

Joshua Spears

Joshua Spears

Chief Operating Officer, Traitify

Josh is a founding member of the Traitify team and serves as Chief Operations Officer. Josh has a background in visual media production, and prior to Traitify founded a social media marketing firm which helped convince him of the benefit of using personality and personalization to enhance consumer engagement.

Heather Myers

Heather Myers

Chief Psychology Officer, Traitify

Dr. Myers received her doctorate in Personality Psychology and her Master of Science in Statistics both from Stanford University. At Traitify, Dr. Myers works with the psychology team to create scientifically sound assessments, designs validation studies, and conducts statistical analyses. Dr. Myers is also a research design and analytics consultant, specializing in the development of assessments and the analysis of their internal consistency and validity. She has worked in many fields including psychology, medicine, law, and business and has experience with psychological assessments such as the MBTI.

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