Traitify Webinar: Making the Most of Woofound with Career Services and Admissions

Making the Most of Woofound with Career Services and Admissions

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Woofound has proven to be an engaging, accurate and actionable personality assessment and career exploration tool for college and university career services and admissions. But some schools have taken Woofound usage to the next level through creative programming, marketing and communications - and lots of hustle. Come learn about the best practices from some of Woofound's most innovative college and university customers.

Topics include:

  • The best online and offline ways to drive interest and use of Woofound
  • How to use Woofound as the first step in connecting career services with students
  • How to think about and effectively use Woofound in the college admissions process
  • Where Woofound fits best in the career exploration process
  • How to use Woofound with different students- first year, transfer, juniors and seniors
  • How to best use and position Woofound among a roster of other assessments

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Lorie Logan-Bennett

Lorie Logan-Bennett

Director of the Career Center, Towson University

Lorie Logan-Bennett is the Director of the Career Center at Towson University. In that capacity, she oversees the university's comprehensive Career Center, including its employer development, student career advising, and internship functions. Lorie has worked in higher education career centers for nearly twenty years, including serving as the Associate Director of the Career Services Center at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and working as a graduate assistant in the Arts and Sciences Career Services office at The Ohio State University. Lorie was also previously employed by the Ohio Legislative Services Commission and the National Committee on Pay Equity.

Jennifer Schott

Jennifer Schott

Director of Career Planning, Academic and Career Development, Indiana University, Purdue University

Jennifer supervises professional and graduate level academic advisors and career consultants; and oversees career development programs, activities, and events for the freshmen and sophomore students. Her role also includes teaching a Freshmen Seminar course for Exploratory students.

Dan Sines

Dan Sines

CEO/Co-Founder, Traitify

Dan is CEO of Traitify, as well as one of it's co-founders. Traitify is most known for their visual personality assessment that gives people insight into their personality and the career direction that is best suited for them.


Bruce Stephen

Bruce Stephen

Director of Research, Monster Government Solutions

Bruce is a researcher, communicator, marketer, analyst, connector, and strategist for Monster Government Solutions. Since 2014, he has spearheaded a partnership between Traitify and Monster Government Solutions to expand opportunities in postsecondary education and workforce development for the Traitify visual personality assessment.

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