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Explore a selection of recorded webinars and roundtables featuring Traitify, spanning a wide variety of topics with top notch industry panelists.

SmartRecruiters Webinar with Traitify

Talent Acquisition 2021: How to Optimizes TA for Hiring Success Outcomes

In this session, CEOs Jerome Ternynck (SmartRecruiters) and Dan Sines (Traitify) explore the best ways to secure executive buy-in and budget for solutions that can transform the way you hire.

JobSync Webinar with Traitify

The Power of Automation

Dive into the capabilities of automation in talent acquisition with Drew Austin (CEO and Founder, Wade and Wendy) and Dan Sines (CEO and Founder, Traitify). Find out how it can still enhance and personalize the candidate experience.

Fountain Webinar with Traitify

Importance of Candidate Experience for the Hourly Worker

2020 made it clear how much the economy — and the world — rely on hourly workers. What are these essential workers looking for in their candidate experience? Carolyn Frey (Philz Coffee), Marc Hinson (Bartaco), and Keith Curran (Same Day Delivery) discuss.

Phenom People Webinar with Traitify

How Personality Psychology Can Enhance Talent Experience

From attraction through employee engagement, personality psychology traverses HR functions to improve the experience of candidates and employees. Traitify's Chief Psychology Officer, Heather Myers, Ph.D., examines how modern employers can leverage this science.

Beeline Webinar with Traitify

Why candidate fit will be critical for the contingent workforce in 2020

The need for contingent workers has skyrocketed. In this webinar, Heather Myers, Ph.D., demonstrates how to assess personality fit and make sure you’re getting the most out of your contingent hires.

iCims Webinar with Traitify

Power Your Platform

Using human interaction with images to create the fastest validated talent assessments in the market, Traitify is mobile-first, flexible, and goes beyond just selection, helping you hire the right candidates, faster. Learn more in this live demo.