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Leveraging Personality to Stay Productive

As the world continues to grapple with what’s next, HR leaders have taken notice of the benefits of working from home. Not only is it a necessity for many, but evidence has been emerging that flexibility in workplace arrangements reduces turnover and improves productivity.

No matter where your company presently falls on the scale between optional remote work to permanently working from home, Traitify would like to offer some guidance to help you flourish when in telework settings.

Yes. There are plenty of “Work From Home” guides out there. So why download one more?

This one has personality. Literally.
Our Psychology team utilizes the Big Five personality model, based on decades of research, to provide insight and tips for:

  • Supporting employees who aren’t used to remote work
  • Remote communication best practices
  • Succeeding on the job when family, work, and home blend together
  • Managing teams remotely
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