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Understand Your Audience in a Brand New Way

We provide personality assessments that cater to all walks of life, not just the typical areas you’d expect such as job seeking, education, and dating. With our patented and scientifically backed visual assessment, you’ll quickly be able to assess any audience and start generating catered experiences unique to your needs.

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  • Core Assessment


    Our baseline assessment, delivering a broad level of personality data for an individual.

  • Heroes Assessment


    One of our most fun (and popular) assessments: discover your inner hero, backed by psychology.

  • Movies Assessment


    Uncover genres and titles that might pique your user's interest based on personality, not previous viewing history.

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Personalized Recommendations

One of the keys to understanding personality is being able to make use of any collected data to create a better experience for users. For those looking to go beyond curated content targeted at different personality types and traits, we offer a profound new way to generate recommendations through our matching engine, PeopleLikeYou.

PeopleLikeYou takes recommendations to a personal and granular level, rather than just relying on traditional methods, such as purchase history.

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How PeopleLikeYou Works

  • Assess Personality
    The first step is to gather personality data. As soon as your users begin taking the assessment, PeopleLikeYou matching can occur.

  • Organize Personalities
    Personalities are organized and correlated based on how closely they match types/traits, as granularly as you’d like.

  • Find Best Matched Personalities
    Our engine finds the personalities that match best to an individual, creating a pool of personality data to draw recommendations from.

  • Deliver Personalized Recommendations
    Generate recommendations from the habits, purchases, or interests of matching personalities.

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