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Statistical Researcher

Statistical Researcher

Baltimore, MD

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Traitify is looking for a Statistical Researcher to join our Psychology team. Our mobile first software platform leverages decades worth of psychometric research on personality in the workplace, turning this science into assessments featuring images rather than words, resulting in more accurate personality profiles of users in 90 seconds. In combination with our unique approach to employer benchmarking, Traitify is leading the way in making personality data truly actionable for employers to reduce turnover, improve tenure, create better internal teams and transfers, and increase hiring acumen. This position works – and reports – hand-in-hand directly with Traitify’s Chief Psychology Officer.


  • Assisting with preparation of research materials and data cleaning
  • Run descriptive analysis against some of the largest and most successful companies in the world
  • Run statistical analysis (correlation, regression, chi-square test of independence, etc.)
  • Help our clients gain a quantitative understanding of their HR practices by running statistical analysis against their employee performance metrics and Traitify’s personality tools


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics or Psychology (with an emphasis on statistics)
  • Experience using SPSS
  • Experience in research design and data analysis
  • Strong writing and communication skills

Benefits Offered:

  • Vision, Medical, Dental
  • Equity consideration at Year 1 anniversary
  • Company paid vacation
  • IRA with Company contribution

About Traitify:

Traitify is the personality science company. We’re disrupting the traditional assessment market with our 90-second image-based tests that help companies better attract, hire, grow, and retain large volumes of the best people. Founded in 2011, our unique and patented technology allows Traitify to rapidly and accurately measure someone’s personality, predicting everything from workplace performance to company culture fit. Armed with this information, Traitify clients better engage job candidates, hire smarter, grow strong cultures, and reduce workplace turnover.

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